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When To Approach An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is not a new topic in the United Kingdom law. The laws state how people are allowed to enter the country, requirements for admission, and the reasons why people want to come to the UK. Immigration lawyers or attorneys specialize in this type of law.

Millions of people move to the UK every year looking for work, attending school, or with a dependant via. If you want to go to the UK you need to get pass immigration. Immigration lawyers in Manchester plays an important role in this move. If you are looking to immigrate to the UK you should hire a lawyer. It is not required to have an immigration lawyer. The lawyer will be able to help with the entire process. If your visa was rejected the first time and you hire a lawyer you increase your chances of having it approved the second time.

If you are looking to enter the UK on a student visa you may not need the assistance of the immigration lawyer. If you have a job in the country your employer will hire an immigration lawyer Manchester to help with the process on your behalf. If you are on a visiting visa you may not need a lawyer. Be sure to check with the embassy to get permission to travel. When should you hire an immigration lawyer? If you want to be a resident of the UK of if you are looking to move to the country permanently you want to hire a lawyer. You will need one in the following situations as well.

.1 Criminal Record

On the application you will be asked if you have a criminal record. If you lie and your do have a record you will be deported. Finger print information I used by the immigration department and they will be able to see your record. You need to provide details of your case. It still may be hard to get past immigration so the lawyer will help you get through immigration even with your record.

.2 Rejected Applications

If you have been rejected on your immigration application you may want to hire a lawyer. Lawyers know the rules well and may help you get approved.

.3 No Response

If you have filed an application and did not get a response for a long period of time you may want to contact an immigration lawyer. Many lawyers have contracts with the USCIS staff and may be able to help you get approved.

.4 Lack of Help

If you have applied for a permit and your employer is not going to pay for an attorney you may have to get a lawyer on your own. A lawyer can help an employed person get a residency permit.

.5 Complicated Process

There are many laws regarding immigration and the process is rather lengthy. A lawyer will be able to explain every step of the process. They can help a person out all the correct forms and may help the immigration process move along.

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